The Group was reformed in October 2002 and since this date we have built up a large number of dedicated members in the Leeds area. We are always looking for new people to join, so if you are interested in knowing more about what we do, feel free to come along to one of our group meetings and find out!

Group members and anyone interested in the Group have the opportunity to meet up once a month to discuss various issues and organise activities. Within the main Group many members have formed into smaller sub-groups and teams to cover specific issues and coordinate different actions that everyone can get involved in.

You don’t have to be a member of Amnesty International UK Section to come along, you just have to have an interest in human rights issues and be open to making new friends.

For information on when and where the next meeting is and for some of our latest goings on, click on the Calendar link above.

To find out more information about the Group please email our Secretary and they will get back to you with much more information about the group